Kol Simcha

Kol Simcha is a Baltimore-based shidduch network servicing the single members of the Baltimore community.

It is independent of the Baltimore Shidduch Network.

Contact Information:

Kol Simcha, Inc.
3000 Glen Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215

Telephone: 410-499-6006
Fax: 410-510-1757

E-Mail Address: kolsimchabaltimore@hotmail.com

Web Site: http://www.kolsimchabaltimore.com


President: Mrs. Tova Rappaport

Administrative Assistant: Sharon Galkin

Donations to Kol Simcha are welcome and encouraged.


Shidduch Questionaires

Kol Simcha QuestionaireMen(PDF)(MS Word)
Kol Simcha QuestionaireWomen(PDF)(MS Word)